Taxpayers and the Costs of Smoking Related Illnesses

Published 20/07/2013 by Bakers Vapers

What about all the money the NHS spends on treating smoking related illnesses?

Smoking related illnesses cost the NHS 2.65 BILLION a year!  Doesn’t that sound a lot?  I can’t even imagine what that amount would look like if it was stacked up in £20 notes.  Many taxpayers moan and groan about it and say that their taxes shouldn’t be used to pay for treatment for conditions of the person’s own making.

Lets put that shocking amount of money into perspective.  The UK Government rakes in ELEVEN BILLION in tobacco taxes every year!  That is a clear profit of 8.35 billion a year, which is a pretty astounding return on investment.  It doesn’t stop there though, because smokers die younger so they save on pensions and old age home fees.  You could almost argue that smokers save the taxpayer a fortune!  This is after smokers have paid their non-tobacco taxes as well.


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