The Smoking Habit

Published 20/07/2013 by Bakers Vapers

Smoking is a Complex habit

Smoking involves our hands, lips, throat and lungs as we light up and inhale. Aah! Traditional nicotine replacement often does not work because it only addresses a small part of the habit.

Remember that as babies our first experience of comfort and satisfied needs were met through the mouths as we drank our milk snuggled up safely in Mum’s arms. Cigarettes remind us of that earliest pleasure as they too give satisfaction through the mouth.  One reason why most people don’t like going to the dentist very much is because we don’t like our mouths messed around with. Our mouths mean a lot to us on an emotional level.  A nicotine patch fails most people because all it does is deliver nicotine, and doesn’t address other pleasures and habits that cigarettes provide.

Of people who have tried traditional methods of nicotine replacement, only 3% have managed to stay off cigarettes after six months.

Vapers use exactly the same standard of pharmaceutical grade Nicotine in a Glycerine or Propyl Glycol base with added flavouring. They hold the e-cig in their hands, bring the e-cig to the lips, inhale, feel a throat hit and get a satisfying lungful, then exhale something that looks like smoke. After six months, 74% of Vapers have stayed off traditional tobacco.
It is also approximately 75% cheaper than smoking.



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