Bakers Vapers

Bio: At Easter 2012 I managed to give up smoking, and it was so easy it was almost embarrassing. I had smoked 30 cigarettes a day for more than 30 years. I did not intend to give up because I had tried and failed before. But I was facing a long air flight and I knew I couldn't go so long without a cigarette. When I told my daughter about this, she suggested electronic cigarettes. I bought a cig-a-like and wasn't very convinced. While I was looking online for replacement cartridges, I came across the upgrade which uses rechargeable batteries with a tank attached, which held 'juice'. I tried them at home so I could get used to them before my air trip, and it took a couple of days before I realised that I hadn't had a cigarette for quite a while. There were still cigarettes in the house but my e-cig was so satisfying that I wasn't interested in 'analogues' any more. I now make and sell 'juice' to other e-cig users. There are a range of flavours but I tend to make mostly fruit flavoured ones, in zero, low, medium and high strength nicotine. My website is at bakersvapers.co.uk

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