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Juices used in Electronic Cigarettes

Published 20/07/2013 by Bakers Vapers

The Juices

You will need to buy juices to go in your E-Cig. They come in different flavours and different strengths.

I advise you not to choose a tobacco flavour at first because there is no way the taste of 4000 burning chemicals can be successfully recreated in a laboratory. When people try tobacco flavour,  they expect it to taste exactly like a cigarette and it doesn’t, so they are disappointed and think Vaping doesn’t work for them.

I advise you to choose quite a strong flavour at first so that your brain gets the message that you are inhaling something. People who do not enjoy menthol cigarettes often find that adding a bit of menthol flavour to their juice is enjoyable and it makes the ‘throat hit’ register in the mind.

Most people like fruit flavours, but there are many more such as sweet and dessert flavours, coffees, real ales and drink flavours.