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A bit about Vaping

Published 20/07/2013 by Bakers Vapers

Isn’t it the same as Smoking? Its still Nicotine, isn’t it?
Why bother to switch? What is ‘Harm Reduction’ all about?

Smokers are called Smokers because they exhale Smoke. Vapers are called Vapers
because what they exhale is a simple water vapour which looks like smoke.

In electronic cigarettes or e-cigs, nicotine is inhaled just like in cigarettes.
The difference is that Vapers don’t inhale 4000 other chemicals that are in
burning tobacco. Of those 4000, 69 are known to cause cancer.

Are all E-Cigs the same?
No, they aren’t. There are several types, but all involve a battery heating a nicotine based juice which is inhaled and exhaled as water vapour. It is much the same as the steam you see over a hot cup of coffee. It looks like smoke but has no smell or dangerous chemicals that could harm other people, and it disappears in seconds.

The first type is a cig-a-like that looks like an ordinary cigarette and is sold in shops and garages. Some are more successful than others, but most people don’t find them very effective. The rest are mostly sold online.

The best one to start with is an eGo style battery with a clearomiser tank. They look like pens. And although they are cheap, they give a real Vaping experience so you can decide if Vaping is right for you without spending a lot of money. They don’t last long, so upgrade next time you buy.

There are Vaping groups on Facebook that give lots of good advice.