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What is Harm Reduction all about?

Published 20/07/2013 by Bakers Vapers

Vaping e-cigs reduces the harm that smoking exposes us to.
Its simple – if harm can’t be stopped entirely, substantially reducing it is the next best thing.

Every smoker knows there can be no doubt – smoking is bad for you and others around you. What if you can’t give up?

First you should seek advice from a Stop Smoking Helpline or your Doctor or Pharmacist. If that doesn’t work for you, switching to vaping substantially reduces harm. Lit tobacco has more than 4000 chemicals in it, many of them deadly poisonous. 

Nicotine itself, although addictive, isn’t really much worse for you than caffeine. It’s a mild stimulant much like coffee, and people use it because of the rather nice nicotine ‘lift’,  The bad thing about it is that it is addictive.  Nicotine itself is a relatively harmless thing to be addicted to.  The bad news is that if you light tobacco and smoke it, you get a lot of tar, and its the tar that will kill you and harm others around you.

If you play tennis with a tennis ball, there are risks of injury and harm.  But if you play tennis with a hand grenade the risks are very substantially increased. Vaping is about choosing the greatly reduced harm of playing with a tennis ball rather than a hand grenade.  Nobody claims it is entirely risk free, but it is a much safer way to get your nicotine hit, both for you and those around you.

Pharmaceutical grade nicotine is used in e-cig juices and is mixed with liquid used in food, like Glycerine, and flavouring. .Some juices also contain Propyl Glycol, which is used as a propellant in asthma inhalers and baby formula, among other things.

Regular cigarettes – or ‘analogues’ – contain about 500 chemicals, depending what agricultural pesticides, fertilisers and and other sprays the farmer uses.  When tobacco is lit, there are chemical chain reactions, which bring the total up to more than 4000.  That is a really scary thought!